The need is different so is the answer. It is invaluable to some merchants whereas it is a compulsion for certain type of retailers or industries. Certainly, there is a little use or sometimes no use at all to few businesses as they are not facing the customers directly or could be they are not having fast paced moving stock levels. It’s tough to say on what should be invested as every business has different essentials. Here we have sketched down common things to be considered before purchasing a POS:

  • Is keeping a track of the stock essential or you go by scanning barcodes of products? Incase your answer is “yes” then it’s necessary to have a POS. To save time and money you need to manage your stock levels, to check what products you need when your stock is almost coming to end. But if your sales are low or you can manage your little stock on a book and a pen then this is not advised for you.
  • Do you have rapid moving queues and products that you have designed? If you own a POS machine helps you to clear up the queue faster and you can take in long orders easily. For instance: For customers to sign on a screen could happen in seconds time if they use a tab for those orders their employees to edit their order in a frozen-yogurt shop. A well-setup POS system can help you clear the queue of customers and reduce time of employee. On the other hand if your business doesn’t have long queues, POS is not necessary.
  • How many employees handle transactions? Managing employees could be easy with POS. It also helps to track the movement of your employees’ usage in POS. It also assists in checking which sale was made after the date. You may also put restrictions for certain people at your work place who use POS system. It doesn’t have a standard terminal but all these are possible with this system. This system also helps to handle sensitive payments.
  • As business needs are different getting to decide whether to buy POS system depends on the business needs. The above mentioned functions many businesses may not use. A business which takes their customers orders over a phone call, makes business service sales, big products this system is of not much use. A standalone terminal could be of help you can save the payment made monthly on a POS system. We recommend Clover Mini for those businesses that want to make the most.