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Here’s how being denied for a credit card impacts your credit score

Being denied for a credit card doesn’t hurt your credit score. But the hard inquiry from submitting an application can cause your score to decrease.

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What New Parents Should Know About Life Insurance

Having a baby can bring the gaps in your financial plan into sharp focus. New parents often feel they need to find ways to provide financial security...

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Why Searching for Cheap Stocks Is the Wrong Investing Strategy

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Private credit lenders seek protection in minimum liquidity protocol

Private credit firms are requiring their borrowers maintain a strong liquidity cushion as the coronavirus pandemic forces middle market companies...

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Consumer credit fell at a slower 5.3% in May as the economy began to recover

The use of credit cards fell at a much slower pace in May as the economy began to recover and the government provided financial relief to households...

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FD150 Terminal and RP10 PIN Pad Swipe, dip or tap

The FD150 is replacing the First Data FD130 as the latest affordable terminal solution that combines performance, reliability and ease of use in a compact, feature-rich device. It offers faster processing and expanded memory with a familiar look and feel.

No extra costs

No hidden fees

Only $19.00 / Month

*New merchants only based on approved profile

FD150 benefits your business.

Great fit for any restaurant or retailer

Improve Your Bottom Line
  • Accept all major bank and credit cards
  • Keep POS machine costs low with combination terminal, PIN pad, contactless reader and printer
  • Take advantage of 24/7 support
Deliver Superior Customer Service
  • Speed up checkout with faster transactions for shorter lines
  • Print super fast receipts
  • Help protect customers with PCI
  • level 5 compliance
Benefit from Easy-to-Use Technology
  • Experience an intuitive touch-screen
  • Enjoy fast terminal downloads
  • Get acquainted with a familiar user interface

Powerful performance in a simple solution

Compact design

Requires minimal counter space and equipped with three USB ports

Fast downloads

Uses IP, dial-up, or Wi-Fi to connect to the network

Merchant friendly

Offers one-touch feature for daily functions

Secured transactions

Accepts EMV chip cards or NFC payments

More payment options

Processes debit, electronic benefits transfer (EBT), and checks

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

Allows international customers to pay in their own currency

Give Your Customers Peace of Mind with the RP10 Companion PIN Pad

  • Allow customers to keep their card with them
  • Ease concerns about unauthorized use of card
  • Reduce physical contact with employees
  • Support payment type of their choice including contactless, mobile wallets, PIN cards, gift cards and more
  • Minimize security risks with PCI version 5 compliance

All while speeding up the transaction process

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the FD150 terminal different from the FD130?

The FD150 has the following improvements over the FD130 terminal:

  • Faster, more advanced processor
  • Double the memory
  • PCI-PED version 5.x approved compared to 3.x
Can the FD150 support multi-merchant processing?

Yes. This enables several business owners to process payments for more than one merchant account using a single terminal.

Can the FD150 support Apple Pay™ and Samsung Pay?

Yes. It can accept NFC payments like Apple PayTM, Samsung Pay, and other popular mobile wallets or contactless cards.

Can the FD150 accept EBT?

Yes. The FD150 accepts electronic benefits transfer (EBT) transactions.

Can I accept PIN debit on the FD150?

Yes, the customer can enter their PIN on the FD150 itself or via the RP10 PIN Pad, when attached.

Do I need the RP10 PIN pad to operate the FD150?

No. You can use the FD150 terminal independently and run credit and debit transactions without a PIN pad.

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