How different is POS from a credit card terminal?

Basically, a POS system uses many sophisticated features that many other terminals do not have. To process credit cards a terminal has one basic premise designed in it. The important feature of a terminal is to process credit cards while some terminals also line up to a check reader or can also process gift cards.

POS (Point-of-Sale) systems are different. The work of POS is not only to process credit cards but also helps the businessmen to manage their business by giving varied features, which are fully integrated. The following is provided by most systems:

  • Processing of Credit cards
  • Management of Cash withdrawal for sales
  • Printing of Receipt
  • Tracking of merchandise - Inventory system
  • Scanning of Barcode
  • Time logging of Employee
  • Reporting and analytics of Business

Based on their specific needs every business chooses their POS system and there are many providers in different companies who cater those different needs. After working with many of the companies, IMD has chosen Poynt Smart Terminal to be the preferred solution. Beautifully designed equipment and easy system, customizable and affordable these are the features offered by Poynt. This is a “future proof solution for years to come as it using the newest and sophisticated technology. We strongly recommend Poynt if you are looking to get a POS system from the market.