Terminal Application and MCC codes are connected with each other. Each and every CC terminal has a dedicated operating system for its functioning that enables them to do dedicated kinds of transactions. Therefore, if there is a terminal mismatch, it might cause certain transactions to fail. Most of the vendors using a terminal use something called a retail application, so IMD ensures that you are aware of what kind terminal your business requires because few specific types of terminals perform well with specific terminals, therefore it is necessary that you have these queries addressed.

Along with the software for the terminal, there’s a plethora of things while creating the computer-based-data a terminal might use to work with our networks. The popular types of tweaks our vendors ask for are:

Batch Times (Automatic): In the age of automation, the majority of merchants look for the terminal to settle the transactions each day automatically without any human intervention. At IMD, we can configure a fixed schedule for the daily settlement.

Verifying the Address: IMD ensures that you are not charged high for interchange prices. By setting Address Verification notifications that would require entering zip codes and address details while registering daily sales, it is easy to have lesser charges for interchange.

Business Cards: When it comes to B2B vendors, you would come across several business credit or debit cards prompting you to entire extra details. Adding data to these fields including invoice numbers, tax money, etc. becomes easy and effortless.

Adding Tips: Many restaurants ask for a mechanism to register their tips separately. while most hotels and eateries that accept tips have the resources calculate their sales and separate tips at EOB. While our terminal does the same for you, please know that doing this would not allow auto-batch every evening; you would have to do it manually.

Server/Clerk Notifications: In a scenario where different employees collect payments from the customers, for example: a restaurant, we could allocate a server ID to each employee collecting an amount, allowing you to track payments for each employee separately.

Invoice Notifications: To have an accurate record of sales, our invoice notification system enables you to track sales with the help of a unique invoice number. These notifications are not meant to affect rates, but only to support in tracking of the transactions.