IMD was established with one of the best principles ever – to not be influenced by the competitors. The founding team of IMD always believed that there needs to be a complete transformation in the way merchant services sector operated and had to include more of ethics, morals, values and accountability in order to grow.Listed below are some of the fundamental ways that sets us apart from our contemporaries.

Simplified Start: With IMD, we have a remote workplace and we suggest our clients to sign-up with us electronically in a few minutes. Once the application is filled, our DocuSign app is used for seamless electronic signs, paving way to complete your account creation in 24 to 48 hours. Being a deadlines-driven business allows us to speed things up when required resulting in quick processing whereas our competitors do the same in weeks.

Unmatched Client Support: Unlike our competitors, we are laser-focused on providing the best client service possible. Be it on phones or emails, you would always find a real and empathetic executive who cares and is well-informed about the subject. Regardless what your concern is –when ensure speedy resolution.

Updated Products: At IMD, we believe in offering only the most upgraded terminals with the latest technology. Our costs are not only feasible and affordable but we also provide 90 day zero-interest loan on special requests and a smoothly-running mechanism that ensures that the gear we provide is not faulty and runs smoothly.

No Hidden Fees and Reduced Costs: Our entire rate sheet is available in the public, so we never indulge in the hidden charges business. Also, none of our merchants are locked for years and we are pretty transparent on how our costing operates as we follow the interchange-plus payment structure, which is perceived to be the most just structures in the market.

Business with Gratitude and Empathy: Our values of gratitude, empathy and utmost care for our clients stems from the fact that we intend to transform and not just earn money. Sincere Commitments, Truthful Communication and Happy Go Lucky working environment enables to have do work that gives a sense of purpose and meaning beyond ourselves.

Socially Awareness and Helpful: We always try to engage in business with vendors that are more women-managed or minority run. We work with businesses that work with the same values of trust, transparency and authenticity. So IMD is an organization that is socially aware and but one that contributes significantly to the society.