If you have small changes to make – for instance, swiping your card on the curbside rather than doing it in a store – you can’t do anything to keep processing in a time of difficulty.

If you have more of a pivotal change to make – like in this case, to create another ecommerce segment to the web page for the purpose of self service, a second merchant account is required to back this procedure. You can contact IMD Support to know if a second account is really necessary. If there is, indeed, the need of a second account, IMD shall break the monthly service fee between both your current and brand new accounts. That way, there won’t be any rise in the monthly fee except than the fee associated while making a new account.

If you are closing down for the time being – putting your account on hold is an option, you can always choose. This Seasonal Hold is limited only for a period of six months. But if you do not restart the account even after those six months, the account will be shut down. No fee is charged for taking and during a Seasonal Hold. But a one week prior notice is required, for us to know when to remove the Seasonal Hold. So please act accordingly to when you’re ready to restart the account. If you want to put your account on a Seasonal Hold, kindly contact IMD Customer Care.