Basically, CC terminals are equipped with several sophisticated attributes that a Point of Sale does not possess. These terminals are devised with one simple goal - to operate credit card based transactions. While a few can process present or gift cards or via a check reader; however, the core job is to run CC payments.

On the other hand, POS differs significantly. They are not limited to processing credit cards and offer several business management functionalities in an integrated form to the users. Majority of the Point of Sale machines offer the below:

  • Working with Credit Cards
  • Support cash based transactions with Cash Drawer Support
  • Printing of the bills or receipts
  • Inventory management mechanism to track product sales
  • Scan the barcodes
  • Employee login and logout time
  • Analytics

Most of the merchants select a Point of System depending on basic necessities, and many local suppliers offer solutions for these necessities. However, having worked with several of these local businesses IMD chose Poynt Smart Terminal. It provides equipment with a sleek design and feasible costs, and it is very simple to customize. Since it is laced with latest and adaptable technology, we can be sure it is not vulnerable to industrial changes. So when you decide to buy a Point of Sale system, it is advisable to check Poynt.