IMD donated to a greater extent to those in need. Helping the needy is the originating principle at IMD We are fully devoted to legitimate practices, and to partners who are supporting our whole community by kindly donating where it actually matters. Since 2008, we have supported charitable organizations that serve for a good cause by donating our percentage of our gains on a yearly basis.

Generally, we select non-profit firms from the below categories:

  1. Communal Change/justice
  2. Educational Activities
  3. Green Environment
  4. Who takes care of health along with the welfare of the people
  5. Not forgetting the Animal welfare

AFSP – Organization that helps suicide prevention.

Amazon Watch: Conservation of rain forests.

Beyond Limits Therapeutic Riding: Therapeutic horseback riding.

Conscious Capitalism of the Bay Area: It supplies essentials needed for a building for the growth of the CCI movement on the ground in local areas.

David Brower Center: A home for the green movement.

Green America: ethical consumerism.

Mercy Corps: Unpleasant suffering, condition of poverty and abuse, to help the masses to be secure, productive, and just communities.

Veteran’s Path: Support returning veterans in their transition home.