If you receive credit cards offline, having a credit card terminal is an ideal solution, however, not all the time. These terminals are usually advisable to vendors that belong to the below sectors:

When your business requires you to accept payments via credit cards for the most part, then it is recommended to have a virtual terminal instead of a physical terminal. On the other hand, when your buyers ask for a paper receipt, for example, non-profit organizations that need to give receipt to its donors, then standalone terminal suits best for your requirement.

However, merchants that run businesses with many transactions hourly, for example - low-average-ticket vendors, would need physical terminals.

These terminals expedite the payment process for low-average-ticket businesses and having the customer or seller signature is not a prerequisite. So, stores and businesses with long queues are ideal for owning terminals.

A generally popular machine, also called an Imprinter (knuckle-buster) is beneficial but not in all cases. These machines are often best reserved as a backup if the main terminals’ system faces outage or you have electricity cut. However, as these imprinter receipts have full cardholder data, it could be a bit vulnerable to cyber attacks, so it’s advisable to have these when absolutely necessary.