Definitely! All merchants accepting credit cards are to become compliant to PCI with the card associations. A non-compliance fee of $24.95 is collected to companies that choose not to become compliant. Apart from these, it is merchants responsibility to pay fine for data breach. If you are compliant to PCI you follow all the rules of relevant card’s branded rules. Not being PCI compliant could be expensive for the businesses.

  • Potentially unsafe procedures, which would later become fraud or violation of data at a later date, which can penalize your organization heavily.
  • Violation of card regulations associated. Visa/MC/Discover/Amex follow particular rules, this which ensures that your organization is following all the rules and regulations as a part of the PCI compliance process. Card associations may take action to defer your eligibility to take credit cards if they discover that you’re breaking all the rules.
  • We are here to assist your account to be fully compliant. We don’t want to see you paying, Monthly non-compliance fees.