Our plans help you to choose the most suitable option for any venture on a monthly basis i.e., Clover Mini and Flex. To register for Table / Counter Service packages you need to have Clover Station Pro and Station 2018. As every requirement for businesses are different Clover helps you in choosing the best plan for you. The features and fees pertaining to the plans are decided by Clover itself and is directed to the account in the bank. Choose the best fit as described here:

Payments Plus - $4.95/month

The Payments Plus plan is a starting plan for Clover. With this plan, you will also receive:

  • Payments on Cloud-based
  • Management of Employee Number of hours worked
  • Managing Customers for saving profiles, selling data and so on
  • Amounts in every way is acceptable (EBT, Apple Pay, Chip+PIN)
  • Open Tabs are allowed
  • Reduction based Bonus
  • Clover App market access is restricted

To get lucky and to have a good start Payment Plus is the choice and it’s accessible on Flex, Mini and Clover Go. If you are not keeping a watch on the inventory or use a lot of vendor applications then am sure this can be of great help for you. Do not forget with Clover is extremely simple to change to other plans when needed.

Register Lite Plan - $9.95/month

There is no plan as popular as Register Lite Plan in Clover plan. It is usually called a “cash register replacement”. This plan is available only for Mini, Clover Go and Flex. This plan also has identical attributes as the above (basic) package referred above which also covers:

  • You can manage orders in advanced manner – make, request for reimbursement or even save your orders
  • Manage your Catalogue and maintain in easy ways and track the collection at present
  • Enjoy the availability of the vendor apps market – the Clover apps which allows matching of items and orders
  • If needed you may also hitch up to a front desk role
  • For every item level you can calculate tax
  • Awards can also be given for every item level
  • This is the best plan for most of the business people
  • This plan works well for most businesses which unites the need of assembling kitchen printers and access different apps of upper level

Register Plan - $39.95/month

This plan is widely used diverse Clover Plan, it allows complete accessibility to the all the Clover features. 2018 devices such as Clover Station Pro and Clover Station are available upon registration. Restaurants and multi-lane traders which use several servers and kitchen printers can use this plan. This plan has all the qualities that Register Lite Package has alongside these mentioned below:

  • Not only variants but also modifiers are present for improved stock
  • The costs related to the Stock items could be tracked
  • There are in-built item exchanges
  • Particular type of orders could be created and combined to many orders (suitable for restaurants)
  • Weight Scale help
  • Use of Kitchen printing
  • Complete availability of the App market

In case you own a restaurant with full services, huge facility for business, this Register plan is best recommended for you.

For Counter Service ($59.95 / month) and Table Service Restaurants ($69.95 / month) and are two more additional versions of Register. These are created and enhanced for their specific type of services.

There are few more Clover devices in addition to these to register $9.95/month for one device.