Clover Mini welcomes contactless payments that make receiving payments possible with the client not having to come in contact with the keyboard. The person can directly set the contactless card or the digital phone in front of the terminal to go ahead with the payment.

The ventures familiar with using the Clover, now advanced in the take-out service alone, should opt for the Clover Flex as it could be the right supplement to the Clover system. Now, what is a Cover Flex? It is a helping hand, planned specifically to handle payment procedures that consist of various tasks such as Pin-Debit, Chip-PIN, Europay, Mastercard and Visa (EMV), taking in transaction of different types, and also to make contactless payments (Google pay and Apple Pay).

With the help of Clover Flex, diners and all the other service enterprises can now modify tips by clicking on “Tips” on the screen even before the succession of sales. If not that, you can apply for the tips first and then modify the tips in the end. So, if Clover Flex seems to you, as the perfect option for the Clover set up, please contact us IMD Sales and we will work on processing your order instantly.