Organizations certified as B Corporations have adherence to high level of societal, ecological, and answerability values as a pre-requisite. Regardless of what venture it is, attainment of a B Corp certification can be tried for; however, only those companies actually receive the certification that go through severe quality checks. Just as U.S Green Building Council attests LEED houses or constructions, organizations applying for B Corp certification should be frequently certified for societal and ecological performance by a not-for-profit organization named B Lab.

As of now, a rapidly expanding community of over a thousand Certified B Corps from approximately 60 sectors in around 33 nations have been putting efforts to accomplish a single dream – to change the definition of entrepreneurial success.

Standing among the other B Corps implies that are both revenue-centric and thoughtful of our team and the ecology. We, at IMD, are extremely contended to provide not-for-profit deductions to all B Corp ventures.